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Illustrations by Pascal Campion dA l tumblr

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Old black-furred mammals sometimes exhibit a gradual silvering of their fur with advancing age. However, this panther’s silvering was so extensive that Richard O’Grady, a former director of Glasgow Zoo, was convinced that it was due to a genetic mutation, and he also noted that its gums were unusually pink. Moreover, although the panther was 10-11 years old when it arrived at Glasgow, Richard had first seen it some time earlier, when it was at Dublin, and it was no less silvered then, again ruling out an age-related explanation.

Consequently, I would assume that the Glasgow Zoo ‘cobweb panther’ possessed not only the Agouti gene’s recessive non-agouti mutant allele (like normal black panthers), but also a mutant allele (of some other gene) for silvering. One writer has claimed that this cat was exhibiting piebaldism, but that is incorrect, because piebaldism typically features entire patches of white skin or fur (piebald horses are a well known example), not merely a sprinkling of white hairs in an otherwise dark pelage.”

I’d say she looks more like “stardust” than cobwebs or piebald, but that’s just me…  Either way, she’s beautiful, just like her companion.

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Muggleborn students at Hogwarts (part 1/?)

This is beautiful.

Forever reblog because this is fucking wonderful.

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Are you that someone?


Are you that someone?